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Bio Management Solutions formulates, develops and designs industry specific antimicrobial products and monitoring systems, protocols & software, whilst ensuring GHS guidelines.

BMS works with ECHA, EIGA, FDA, EPA and many other global institutions and organizations to improve the quality and safety of water,  air,  products and produce through all industries globally.

Video Presentations for BMS Programs & Projects

(Dillon Francis Oberholzer)



Introduction to Antimicrobial Surface and Water Solutions developed by BMS / Bio Management Solutions in collaboration with Zoono. 

BMS (Dillon Francis Oberholzer) redesigned the nano particle carrier solution and concentration rates to develop a simple user friendly and food safe solution to Production line facilities that would fall within GHS and EH&S standards. All protocols, equipment maintenance and cleaning protocols can be designed around existing operating cycles. 

Individual Bio containment and control measures are individually designed and result in an increase in production and a decrease in waste.

BMS antimicrobial products increase waste product value (in agriculture) and also increase soil cation exchange.

These are some of the benefits of Bio Management Solutions' products and consulting services.   



BMS Pet Care Products designed for various labels are designed to protect your pet, your family and your home.


Whether assessing a food production plant, fruit processing plant or chemical/ pharmaceutical facility a logical approach is required. General EH&S protocols need to be established.

BMS,  however, looks at the ROI and viability for added value and assays the commercial factors prior to designing a protocol or formulating specific products.

BMS - EH&S Consulting / GHS/ REACH / ECHA / EIGA / EPA / FDA / USCG / CDC's

BMS Consults with EH&S firms regarding new and changing GHS and EH&SRegulatory changes.

As a Global consultant Dillon Oberholzer integrates the expertise of professional partners in the shipping, labeling and monitoring agencies and firms,  for international transport of materials in the Oil & Gas, Chemical , Mining, Agricultural , Pharmaceutical, food & processing as well as  Manufacturing industries.

This field encompasses, the authoring of SDS's,  Work Place Saftey Cards, EH&S reports, EH&S protocol design, Environmental Impact Assays Up-stream and Down Stream Monitoring of products and materials used by corporations and their regulatory requirements and responsibilities internationally.

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Compilation of work done for Zoono Central America. 

This work took me across Central America and included research done in the USA.  The result of this work was the design for BMS-Litean antimicrobial additive for use in farm feed. As the Aquaculture industry and the poultry industry are much the same in regards to cycles and bacterial issues

BMS ( Dillon Oberholzer) looked at the source of the problem.  This video gives an over view of the industry and the problems facing Aquaculture as it moves forward. 

Results andprotocol designs are available on request with permission from client companies (NDA).  A spin off of this work was the addition of anti-microbial products into the paint and plastics industries.  


BMS / Dillon Oberholzer specifically designed delivery systems in conjunction with the EPA and USCG to combat the bilge water and mold  spore transport in vessels. This technology has been commercialized by many firms not limited to super yachts.

Applications for this technology and usage protocol design was targeted at the Bulk shipping and Cruise ship industries. 

This video merely depicts and outlines the application methods and systems. 

EPA/ FDA papers are available on request. All supporting documentation, research and regulatory filing have been done by Mr. Dillon Oberholzer. 


This presentation shows the outline of the antimicrobial product and protocols used in the work done for Guatemala City.

In 2015 and 2016 Guatemala City had an out break of Norovirus. Thousands of people died. BMS /  Dillon Oberholzer was brought in to asses the problem. After working with the Guatemala City mayors office, the Municipal Trans Metro System, Municipal Primary Schools, AMSA (public water), and the Ministry of Open AirPublic Markets and local hospitals and clinics. we developed a solution to the problem, reducing secondary infections by 80% in clinics and hospitals and designed a preventative system for the transference of contagious and  infectious diseases in public spaces.

BMS - BANANA INDUSTRY / Fruit & Vegetable Packing & Processing 

BMS (Dillon Oberholzer) designed and formulated a specific Fruit and vegetable coating along with EH&S / EPA / FDA certifications to streamline, monitor and validate the bio count decrease thus increasing the value and shelf life of all fresh farm produce. This work goes hand in hand with the application design and formulation of antimicrobial solutions and application protocols for fresh produce processing and packaging.

BMS can extend the shelf life (without refrigeration) of fresh produce by up to 2 weeks. Although this work was done in collaboration with many international firms and laboratories the research and protocol designs ( IP Rights)  belong to BMS.

Working with the two major agricultural suppliers and Dole, Del Monte and Chiquita Branded farms trials and tests were performed to validate the protocols  Bio Management Solutions implemented .

Dillon Oberholzer / BMS successfully demonstrated the viability of the EPA / FDA / GHS / approved formulation and protocol design. 

These formulae are now being adopted as standard practice through Disagro and Agrocentro in Central America and new trials are being done in India.


Although Much of this work shown in the video was done for Zoono International, all research , consulting and IP Rights belong to BMS.

The validation and process of industrial integration, liaison and international certification along with the physical trials and costs therefore entirely owned by BMS. 

This video mere outlines the skeletal application and verification of work performed.

BMS filtration systems and coatings will remove 99.9% of all known bacteria, heavy metals and aflatoxins, micotoxins.  Clean room design and air filtration maintenance protocols, product design for specific industrial applications are available on request.  

Dear reader, I have over 40 project presentations which are being archived and will be downloaded onto this page.
For any specific questions relating to EH&S / Bio Management Consulting, please don't hesitate to contact me .
Dillon Francis Oberholzer